Barbecue Smokers Row at Diamond Lake KY

Barbecue Smokers Row at the Eastwood family get-together at Diamond Lake, Kentucky.  These folks take their barbecue smokin’ to a whole new level.  No lack of great butts, briskets, ribs, chicken and more here.  Summer barbecue at it’s best.

Barbecue smokers all in a row

There is nothing like spending time with great friends and family, especially when there is barbecue involved.  Each year since just after WWII this family has been gathering for weekend of fun and food.  The family has definitely grown from just a few to a whole bunch and they are all barbecue fans. Just look at the photograph above …. these are three of family barbecue smokers and each one is custom made.  That my friends is serious devotion to the art of “smokin’ your meat”.

Thanks Jason for letting us join in your family tradition….  it was great.